Monday, January 23, 2012

The End of My Blog...

I have decided to stop writing this blog, to let it rest in peace in the bowels of the Internet as a historical documentation of my experiences as a Peace Corps Business Development Volunteer in Honduras. Thank you for reading and commenting all these months. Please feel free to contact me in the future regarding these posts at: . If you are interested in getting involved with the Peace Corps, I say do it!

Also, in case you're a movie buff, check out my new blogging endeavor, my movie critiques:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back in the US and a look towards the Future

After two goodbye parties in my town, a whirlwind of sorting and packing and selling two years' worth of junk, a four day Peace Corps conference at the Hotel Maya in Tegucigalpa, and hundreds of goodbyes, I successfully travelled back home. The million small differences between San Luis Planes and Highlands, NC are adding up to a relatively large shock, but luckily I'm unemployed and poor and don't have a lot of things to do other than work on my adjustment.

Currently, I'm deciding what to do with this blog, whether to change its focus to my life as a young professional in the US or let it fade into being a relic of one person's go with the Peace Corps.

But as for the BIG QUESTION, "What now?" honestly, there is no concrete answer. The limbo that I'm in is definitely going to cause some stress, but I also have to believe that there is great opportunity to be had. So here are the possibilities (I daresay they are similar to those of lots of my fellow PC-Honduras volunteers):

1. Ideally I will get into a graduate school program in Environmental Policy and Economics/Business Administration in the fall.
2. Keep fundraising for my town's Health Center project.
3. Travel a little and visit friends/family.
4. Catch up on news, politics, movies etc.
5. Get a part-time job in the mean time.

Thanks to my friends and family in Honduras and in the US for the support you have shown me throughout this time of unexpected transition; it means a lot.